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Ecological candlestand RELIGI

Testimonials on ecological electronic stand Religi

“I am absolutely satisfied with this solution and people love it. They often ask me where I  bought it.”
Don Fabrizio, Chapel “Santuario Madonna di Loreto”, Aeroporto Milano Linate, Italy
“They tried but they could not break it, because it is well protected. I am very pleased with the Religi electronic candle stand. I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Priest Janez, St. Michael's parish, Grosuplje, Slovenia

“We  accepted the electronic candle stand very quickly, because we had an accident with the old classic one. A fire started when a child wanted to light a candle. Now those fears are gone. Religi is easy to use and suitable for children and  elderly.”
Martina, St. Michael's parish, Grosuplje, Slovenia

An innovative solution that combines tradition and symbolism. Return on investment is guaranteed.

Eco-friendly solution for churches:
• Does not pollute the church interior
• There is no concern with the procurement of candles
• It is highly ecological (no fire, no smoke, no wax)
• Does not require any cleaning (candles are protected by glass)
• The latest LED technology contributes significantly to the protection of the environment andit is energy efficient (energy savings up to 85%)

• Investment is reimbursed in a very short period
• Return on investment is guaranteed 

• Protection with professional lock, which prevents breaking.
• No fire 

• Easy and safe to use for children and the elderly.
• Provides an alternative for expressing wishes and prayers
• Strengthens the bond between people and church

Made in EU
• Possibility of custom-made Religi candle stand

• One-year guarantee

Characteristics and technical details

1. Safety glass:
Protected with glass for easier maintenance.
2. Burning candle mode:
Continuous combustion or flame imitation. The system enables that at least one candle is always lit.
3. Slot that accepts  money:
Photo sensor system that recognizes coins or paper money.
4. Professional lock:
The lock prevents breaking.
5. Optional:
Stainless steel cross
6. Oak colour:
Finest oak wood. Dark brown or light brown.
7. Optional:
It can be fastened to the floor.

• Material: finest oak wood (dark or light)
• Number of candles: 64
• Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0,4A
• Colour of candles: white
• Colour of the flame: yellow
• Burning mode: continuous combustion, flame imitation
• Burn time: adjustable time
• Size of candle stand: 53 depth cm x 75 width cm x 99 hight cm
• Weight: 39 kg
• Easy to set up and to activate