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Electronic candles VDS501

The elegant and distinctive electric candle VDS501 is the latest innovation in the field of votive lamps. It is the absolute benchmark in the wide range of items available on the market for this particular kind of product. The VDS501 highlights this through unique features which result in a sophisticated design which is both refined and visually effective.

The VDS501 is simply beautiful.

The VDS501 has a smooth and highly polished surface, especially on the face of the summit, which is surmounted by the stylized transparent flame. Noted features of this range of votive lamps are also the deep veins that run along the front surface of the product.

In order to render this product even more appealing to our customers, it is available with a plethora of personalisations. The aim being to match our customers' aesthetic tastes to a tee.

Among the numerous possibilities to personalise the VDS501 is a wide choice of colours ranging from white to red including an elegant gold or alternatively silver.

It is also possible to personalise the shape and colour of the flame, with a choice between yellow and red with either a fixed or intermittent light. Alternatively it is possible to have a real flame immitation.

Ornaments as finishing touch

As a finishing touch it is possible to mount on the front of the candle one of many religious symbols such as, a Cross, a Tear, The Mary and The Star of David or alternatively with the most beautifully iconic Christian or Orthodox images as Padre Pio, St. Antony, Pope Francis, St.Nicolas,..... Let us know your what image would you like to see on VDS501?

This elegant best seller symbolises the relationship between our historic company and its clientele which is ever more interested in a product which is not only brilliantly practical but distinguishes itself from the competition via its harmony of shape and functionality. In fact thanks to the use of only 2 alkaline batteries (not included) this candle guarantees a life of at least 300 days with one battery set.

This originality is guaranteed by a company with over 25 years in the field of LED battery candles. In order to guarantee and protect the originality and quality of its products, Lumada has patented its designs and registered its trademark with the European Union thus rendering them immediately recognisable and unique compared to those of its competitors.

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